Sometimes people manage to fall into a rut. Confidence fails them, and they aren’t able to fulfil your potential. There are a number of television programmes dedicated to increasing confidence levels and changing lives around, but the process doesn’t need to be stressful – or played out in front of millions of viewers!

By discovering your best colours and styles, and by learning a few essential grooming tips you can help yourself regain your confidence, or merely give yourself an edge whether it be socially or in business.

You can enjoy a professional and friendly consultation looking at colour analysis, make-up analysis and style analysis. Esme can help you shop for that special occasion, and ultimately help you gain the full potential of your personal image.

All of Esme’s consultations are tailored to produce results that are unique to your individual requirements. She will use her extensive experience to analyse aspects such as colouring and body shape, as well as personality, lifestyle. 

Esme will help you achieve the image you really want.

Call Esme today if you would like more information regarding how she can help you.